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Württemberg is situated in the south-western part of the Federal Republic of Germany.

The services of Diakonie typically offer their assistance in the proximity of residential areas. This means that Diakonie is present all over Württemberg. The way the Diakonie nework is set up ensures that cooperation with the different services and service units of Diakonie in Württemberg is close and excellent.

The Assembly of the members decide upon the general orientation and policies of Diakonie. The Council of the Network (made of members of the Assembly) makes sure that the decisions of the Assembly of the members are being adhered to and it elects the Board of Directors. The Supervisory Board consists of three members. As to the Board of Directors, it is made up of three members working full-time. They direct and coordinate the work of the regional network and of the regional main office where approximately 200 people are employed.

The Social Welfare Service of the Protestant Churches in Württemberg is charged with four decisive tasks to fulfill:

  • As the social welfare agency of the Protestant Churches, it represents all of the churches’ social work. Thus, its responsibility includes supporting church communities with the implementation of their diaconal mission and tasks.
  • Representing all of its members, it serves the members’ diaconal work and service units. More so, it serves as a converging or focal point for the members’ interests and services and represents these when addressing German politics or the Church as such.
  • As a welfare service agency, it is a partner vis-à-vis the German government and is consulted on issues pertaining to the requirements and needs of the German welfare state.
  • As an organization following Jesus’ teachings, it serves as an advocate on behalf of people in need and those who are being discriminated against. It is committed to fighting societal causes of poverty and discrimination and strives and works for more social justice.
Sommersammlung 2024

„Du stellst meine Füße auf weiten Raum.“ (Psalm 31,9) Die Diakonie Württemberg setzt sich ein für heilsame Räume: für bezahlbares Wohnen, gutes Zusammenleben in Nachbarschaften und umfassenden Schutz für Notleidende. Auch die Beratungsstellen eröffnen neue Perspektiven.