Diakonie‘s Guiding Principle

“People first“ is the motto of all of the Diakonie net work in Württemberg .

It highlights the bond that unites all of the services and institutions - what is important to all of them. It also provides a basis for the direction in which Diakonie should develop in the future. “People first” is a guideline for all of Diakonie in Württemberg, it is also a binding commitment for all. It serves as a common foundation for their work. The individual members of the Diakonie network and their services use this guiding principle and they may add an additional principle according to their specific field of work. The Guiding Principle has ten basic theses. Each thesis is based on what the work specialization or the situation at hand is for each service:

  • The biblical message is the mission and also encouragement for Diakonie.
  • The dignity of the human being is the center point of Diakonie.
  • The tradition of Diakonie serves as a continuous impuls for renewal.
  • Diakonie is part of the Church.
  • The task of Diakonie is to actively work and strive for a just and solidary society.
  • The Regional Network of Diakonie is alive only because of the joint effort of all its members.
  • The members of the Regional Network of Diakonie work together in a spirit of partnership.
  • The employees, being actively involved, give Diakonie a face.
  • Diakonie stands for quality.
  • Acting economically responsible means fulfilling the mission of Diakonie.